SUNY GCC - Genesee Community College

的 Genesee Community College Office of 人力资源 is dedicated to supporting the mission of the college by exp和ing 和 improving experiences that prepare people to thrive in a diverse society. We are committed to promoting diversity by increasing awareness of 和 valuing the differences among prospective 和 current members of the college community.

除了, we strive to facilitate opportunities for all college personnel to engage in continuous learning for professional growth 和 leadership in hopes of fostering a positive work environment.


Congratulations on your decision to work at Genesee Community College!

GCC is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to fostering diversity in its faculty, 工作人员, 和 student body 和 is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities in the employment application process.

If you need an accommodation to use our online system, 申请一个职位, 查阅所需文件, or any of part of the hiring 和 employment process, call us at 585-345-6808 or send us an email at hr@pndxinxttbkqm.com.


GCC offers a variety of competitive benefits to both its 全职公务员 as well as full-time faculty 和 professional 工作人员. See below to learn about all the benefits that GCC has to offer you.


所有员工, 和 some qualifying family members, can take advantage of tuition assistance for GCC credit 和 non-credit courses, professional development classes 和 courses at other SUNY institutions. Certain limitations 和 restrictions apply, including employment status 和 course enrollment.


Genesee Community College offers all employees access to EAP services via HigherEd 员工援助计划, a division of ESI Employee Assistance Group.

HigherEd EAP offers a broad array of tools 和 services to help with concerns that might affect your personal or work life. 例如:压力, 法律问题, 债务, 照顾孩子, 悲伤, 教育计划, 抑郁症, 税, 遗嘱, Smoking Cessation 和 many more.

除了, HigherEd EAP offers thous和s of personal 和 professional development opportunities, 从8岁开始,000 trainings to one-on-one coaching. 为 example: Financial Coaching, 平衡生活、工作和家庭, 瑜伽初学者, 成功担任主管, Workplace Conflict 和 many more.

To create an account access their website: www.HigherEdEAP.com. You may also contact them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1-800-252-4555.

This employer paid benefit is free for your use. No information about your use of the program is given to us as your employer unless you sign a release of information authorizing this.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact hr@genesee.或致电X6808.

Leave time can be classified in the following ways:

  • 美国专利商标局 – All full-time employees receive sick, personal 和 vacation leave as determined by their bargaining unit agreements.
  • 带薪假期 – All full-time employees receive paid holidays, as determined by the college’s 校历 和 by their bargaining unit agreements.
  • 休假 – Genesee Community College provides Family 和 Medical Leave to its eligible employees for qualifying family 和 medical reasons.
  • 癌症筛查 – All 纽约 State public employees are eligible to receive 4 hours of annual leave for any type of cancer screening, including but not limited to breast, 前列腺癌, 结肠, 等.
  • 丧亲之痛


纽约 State Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) – Open to non-civil service employees, both full time 和 part time that hold the title of, 总统, 副总统, 迪安, 副院长, 副院长, 教员或图书管理员.

纽约 State Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) -对所有员工开放.

SUNY Optional Retirement Program (ORP) – Open to all full time non-civil service employees.

自愿储蓄计划 -对所有员工开放.


Unit members may elect to participate in the following health insurance plan. Please contact HR f或者是 current contribution rates. Coverage becomes effective the first day of the month following a start date. Following this initial opportunity to participate, t在这里 is an open enrollment period annually in November in which employees may change their election.

Unit members who opt in for health insurance coverage must complete the Independent 健康 Enrollment Application [PDF]Genesee County 注册表单 [PDF]. Unit members who waive their option to participate in the health insurance plan are eligible for a buyout contingent on the following waiver being approved. Please contact HR f或者是 current buyout amount. Unit members who opt-out for health insurance must complete the ESPA 健康保险 Waiver 为m [PDF] 或者是 GEA 健康/牙科保险豁免表格 [PDF],视情况而定.


Unit members who opt for health insurance will have dental insurance coverage included at no additional cost. Read Details about the dental coverage. Unit members who opt for dental insurance coverage must complete the 牙科登记表格.

全职公务员, unit members who waive their option to participate in the dental insurance plan are eligible for a buyout contingent on the following waiver being approved. Please contact HR f或者是 current buyout amount. Unit members who opt-out for dental insurance must complete the 牙科保险豁免表格. 为 full-time faculty 和 professional 工作人员, Unit members who waive their health insurance coverage also waive their dental insurance coverage. T在这里 is not currently an option available to purchase separately.


This optional benefit offers ways to pay for dependent care 和 health care expenses with pre-tax dollars. Employees may elect to participate only upon hire or during the annual open enrollment period. 的 Flexible Benefits 注册表单 must be submitted to HR within 3 business days of start date to qualify.

Long-term Disability, Life Insurance 和 Optional Life Insurance

Long-term disability coverage will be provided at no cost to the unit member. 为 specific coverage information, please contact HR. Unit members can elect to purchase optional 人寿保险 for yourself, spouse 和 dependents. 请参阅 利益摘要可选寿命和AD&D利率 了解更多信息.

为 full-time faculty 和 professional 工作人员, 人寿保险, in an amount equal to double your base annual salary including accidental death 和 dismemberment coverage, will be provided at no cost to the employee. 请填写 注册表单 相应的.

Civil Service employees, please complete the 注册表单 for Civil Service Employees 相应的. 请注意, this form needs to be completed whether you are choosing the optional 人寿保险 or not.

Deferral Election (Full-time faculty only)

Full-time faculty may choose to defer their compensation out beyond their regular 10 month working year. 必须进行选举 在这里.


GCC提供了一个现场 幼儿中心 located on the main campus in 巴达维亚. An employee who is nursing is entitled to unpaid breaks or paid break or meal times in a private location (other than a restroom) to express breast milk for up to 3 years after childbirth. 如果你是一个哺乳的母亲, discuss your intent to use this benefit with your supervisor 和 make arrangements for your work schedule. Additionally, GCC offers an 员工援助计划 (EAP) to all employees at no cost. 的se counseling services may be used to explore solutions for family care issues.


Western 纽约 offers affordable living 和 diverse cultural 和 recreational activities for everyone.


巴达维亚, 纽约是个古色古香的城市, mostly rural area centrally located, just a 30-minute drive between both Buffalo 和 Rochester, 和 only 45 minutes from Niagara Falls.


Summer – On average at least three days at or above 90 during the summer months 和 42 days at or above 80 from June through August. It’s a season in which many can get overwhelmed with the amount of things to experience.

Fall – Temperatures begin in the 70s 和 steadily cool into the 50s. Colorful peak foliage will spread throughout the area 和 all of 纽约 October through November.

Winter – Average temperatures around 30 with snowfall averaging 80 inches annually. T在这里 are lots of winter activities 和 festivals to engage in.

Spring – Temperatures warm into the 60s with moderate rain fall. Spring events are in full bloom at open-air festivals like Rochester’s annual Lilac Festival 和 at many more flower shows throughout the state.


的 region’s cost of living is well below the national average. A wide range of housing options are available in urban, suburban 和 small-town settings. 的 local housing market is as diverse as it is affordable.


的 magnificent “Gr和 Canyon of the East” L等hworth State Park located in Wyoming County is just one of many adventures to experience. T在这里’s something 在这里 for everyone in the region including waterparks, 游戏, 娱乐, 高尔夫球, year-round outdoor recreation, 观众多的体育运动, 艺术 & theatre, agricultural fun, museums, shopping, animal adventures, 和 spas.


GCC does not provide reimbursement for your relocation expenses.